The Well community is a vibrant one, located around the King Street West area. To be more specific, it exists on the east of Spadina Avenue and south of Wellington. It is a peculiar land area, and investors regard it as one of the more developed urban points in downtown Toronto.

Tridel is one of the key players driving development in The Well, with its mixed-use condominiums. It means that the 7.8 acres of land have rentals, condos, and commercial units, offering buyers and tenants the privilege to “live, shop, eat, and work all in the same space.”

The Well Toronto Condominiums

Condominium offerings in The Well Toronto are extensive. You get 1 to 3-bedroom options on average, from 760 units. The Well Condo stands 38 stories high, and the apartments take up between 1238 and 3259 sq. ft. of space.

Condo units cost between $1.7 million and $5.9 million. Some are currently on sale, while the estimated completion is 2022. Below are some of the typical floor plan you can expect for each unit:

2J+S Plan

The 2J+S floor plan is for a 2½ bedroom condo unit featuring an interior size of 1468 sq. ft. The balcony size is 62 sq. ft. Furthermore, it also has two full bathrooms and one half one. Buyers would have to pay $1413 for every sq. ft. or around $2 million.

2R+S Plan

It is a slightly bigger floor plan than the 2J+S, with 1752 sq. ft. in area, but you get the same 2.5 bedrooms. It has two bathrooms, and the balcony size is 222 sq. ft. The pricing is around $2.2 million, and you can make payment per sq. ft. at a rate of $1256. Additional charges include monthly property tax and maintenance, which both have an estimated cost of $1099 and $1647, respectively.

The Well Condo Toronto


The Well has the 2V+FT floor plan option, which bumps the bath count to three. It measures 2054 sq. ft. on the inside and has a balcony size of 253 sq. ft. The floor plan comes in at $2,975,000 with an estimated maintenance fee of $1931 a month.


For $3,550,000, you can have the much bigger 2AA+ST floor plan. The internal size stands at 2350 sq. ft. and a balcony size of 658 sq. ft. The bedroom count remains at 2½, and there are three full baths. The floor plan attracts an estimated $1774 in monthly property tax and $2209 in estimated maintenance fee.


It is the most significant condo floor plan, coming in at 3259 sq. ft. The balcony is spacious at 2024 sq. ft. and there are 3½ baths. The GPH1 would set buyers back $5,900,000, with a property tax of $2950 per month.

The Well Toronto Condominiums

Wrapping Up

The Well Toronto is a neighborhood witnessing rapid development. Thanks to the contractors’ mixed-use community approach, it is also a neighborhood with some of the best condos in downtown Toronto. With the proximity with Queen West, the Lakefront, and Financial Districts, demand can be high for The Well Toronto condominiums, and you can settle for one of the above-listed floor plans on sale.